Creating a life is an art.

There’s no formula or a set of rules with a predictable outcome. It’s a dynamic, living (often messy) process of exploring, experimenting, and creating upon the canvas of your life. Over time, you have added all manner of meaning to your canvas, capturing a story in progress that is uniquely yours.

Sometimes your story hits a point where it’s time to go beyond more of the same. Or where you are and where you want to be are too different. Or you are curious in a new direction. The art of coaching can help you take advantage of these great opportunities to stretch and grow into what’s next. 

What new thing do you want to create? What story do you long to tell?

Let’s walk around together in the studio of your life and get clarity about what matters to you. We’ll work with your stories, reshaping them to serve you better so you can create something new – for your best good and for the good of those you love and lead.

Are you willing to learn, grow, and take action?  Let’s get started!


Professional Certifications


I am a Certified Transformational Coach with Western Seminary and an ICF ACC (Associate Certified Coach). As an International Coaching Federation member, I practice according to ICF’s high professional and ethical standards.

I have also studied with David Drake, founder of the Center for Narrative Coaching.