ABOUT The Work


I am a mixed media artist and an ICF Certified coach.

I work in both practices and also in the places where they overlap.

The Art

I make art about the “in-between”, using paint, paper, kiln glass, textiles - whatever best communicates the concept. The art is a window to look through, inviting you to reflect on a different perspective. Making the art is my part of opening the conversation. Your response completes the loop.

The Coaching

I offer quiet, attentive space for you to bring your story and have a conversation that matters. You can catch your breath, find your balance, and move forward with clearer intention. We will think together about what is most important to you, and what you want to do about it. I want to hear what you have to say, and will mindfully partner with you so you can move into the next chapter of your story. I’ll help you apply your innate creativity (if you weren’t sure, yes, you have it!) to your life, and will sometimes offer somatic practices and the arts, as they are appropriate and helpful. I coach in accordance with the standards of the International Coach Federation.

I coach most often in the following areas:

  • Parenting Wellness for Foster/Adoptive parents

  • Emotional Wellness for Moms

  • Creativity

  • Launching your creative project

The Overlap

Custom commission art You and I would sit down for a coaching conversation about what’s most important to you. I’d capture it in art, and then a painting would hang on your wall, gently reminding you of what really matters in your life.

Coaching+Color Workshops 2-3 hour guided workshops for healing and renewal, where you’d learn to use the visual, tactile language of paint and color to express what words cannot. The experience creates room for reflection and release, inviting the internal conversations we all need to have, but don’t always make time for.

Pause, the Perspectacles Journal A journal featuring photography of the Perspectacles and questions for reflection.

There’s also art that generates thoughtful conversation, art-making as part of the coaching process, art about the coaching process, coaching people about how to see art or how grow in their own creativity, coaching your creative projects to life, and the art of creating a conversation that matters. And probably much more yet to be discovered.


Certified Transformational Coach, Western Seminary
Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
BFA in Art, specialization in Graphic Design, California State University Long Beach
I have also studied Narrative Coaching with David Drake, “Healing Through Art - Training the Trainer” with the CSU Institute for Palliative Care, and Art4Healing methodology with Laurie Zagon.

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More information:

Art/Coaching: wendylewtoda.com

Color workshops: coachingcolor.com