Perspectacles Journal

Perspectacles Journal


(pause) a journal featuring the Perspectacles

19 different Perspectacles, with reflective coaching questions designed to take you deeper and room to write your responses. 

48 pages, 5.5″x8.5″

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Sample pages from the journal

Sample pages from the journal


Don’t let the innocuous look and feel of Wendy Lew Toda’s journal fool you: it’s a powerful launch-pad that can take you deep into your soul.

Her style is simple: A white with shadowy background cover: (pause) a journal. Nice, I thought. How sweet.

Then I opened it: and was fascinated, first, by the photos and pages each devoted to a different “Perspectacle,” Toda’s creative rearrangements and formations of glasses (spectacles) based on the topic each addressed. The deal is you look at the spectacles and journal answers to the questions posed.

What a Gift are glasses made out of tiny gift-wrapped packages. “What gift will I notice today?”

The Viriditas glasses are created from leaves. “What growth do I notice in myself?”

Gratitude: a lovely pair covered in bows. “What am I thankful for today?”

And so on.

Fun, right?

So I thought, let’s try one. And turned to the first one: Enough Winter spectacles that seemed to be blooming flowers. And the question was similar: “Where shall I bloom? It’s time!”

And so I began to write. And continued, as the thoughts freely flowed, as my head got connected to my heart again, as I began to dream and explore just that: where shall I bloom? And yes it IS time: the seemingly simple question met a deep place in me and opened me up like one of the blooming flowers.

I came to the end: a bit in awe. Who knew it was time: to explore, to realize, to pray, to bloom, to grow?

I’m wise to this now and will choose my next “perspectacle” carefully. For who knows what else I might see.

-Stephanie Kirtland


What a find! I was gifted a copy of (pause), a journal featuring the Perspectacles, by Wendy Lew Toda and discovered new ways to think through some ideas that needed to be explored. Ms. Toda's thoughtful and beautiful art caused me to truly pause (aptly titled!) and consider new ways of seeing my life. I often journal about my life but these were new questions for me. A particularly poignant page was "Are We There Yet?". The prompt reads, "What am I waiting for?" and my mind leapt to place where I have been stuck. I am in a transition and have been having a hard time packing. This prompt helped me examine what was holding me back, which helped me find a solution, resulting in more packed boxes! My reflections caused me to further hone my focus on what is most important to me. I am very grateful for this delightful journal and will be giving several copies to beloved people in my life. I hope that they too will pause and see life from fresh perspectives like this journal encourages.

-Robin M.