Coaching+Color Retreats

6.22.LOGO1-04Color is a visual language all its own, often able to express what cannot be said with words. At a Coaching+Color retreat, you will be gently guided through a sequence of reflective questions and art exercises that encourage creative responses with color. Through this process, emotions like stress, grief, anger and shame can be expressed and released non-verbally, and new stories yet to be told can be explored in a supportive, contemplative atmosphere. Your experience will be captured on canvas in a meaningful way, as you create a healing environment of your own. You will also learn basic art and design elements through informal discussion. Retreats last about 3 hours and all art supplies are included.

No previous art experience is necessary. Retreats are for non-artists, although professional artists are always welcome. They are appropriate for individuals, families, small groups, and business teams. Retreat size is usually 4-6 participants.

Custom and on-site team retreats are also available. 20 participants maximum. Please contact Wendy to discuss your retreat needs.

Participants are free to express and create, completely in charge of their own exploration. Art is offered as a means for self-expression and self-exploration, and the results are viewed from an artist’s perspective, and are not interpreted or diagnosed. While the process is therapeutic, it is not art therapy, which is a legally separate institution and field of practice.

Here’s a look at the creative process:

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“An intimate visit into your inner feelings without fear of exposure or failure. ” – Kuumba

“It was the most refreshing, releasing and learning artistic experience. It was the freedom of giving up control of the outcome.” – Dona

“This is a valuable time to be creative and reflective. It helps me/encourages me to connect to my spirit and create visual pictures of what God is communicating with me.” – Jessica

“It was a very positive experience, even without me understanding ‘paint’ “. – Kim

“It is an effective and unique way to reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with God, yourself, and life.” – Cynthia

“I never thought of myself as artistic, but Wendy’s guiding questions made me stop worrying about being artistic and enjoy the process, learn about myself, and even produce art that I like.” – Donna

“The workshop was a very freeing experience for me.” – Rosie

“This workshop helped me to connect with and express where I am in my journey with God.” – Ellen

Here’s what was created at an art retreat designed for the therapists at Community Presbyterian Counseling Center. The retreat was themed around transition, as they were in the process of staffing changes and also moving to new offices.

Participant comments:

“I started cautiously and with each experience, felt more free to flow/express. It was a good exercise of integrating spirit, emotion and art.”

“Wendy is so gifted. She helped us connect with our inner emotions and together as a team.”

“A wonderful opportunity to express myself in a way I usually can’t get to. It got me out of my head and helped me give voice without using my voice. Also helped me access unprocessed emotion.”

“This is the first time I painted a painting I like!”

“This workshop allowed me to dive into a spiritual pool and get wet and play.”

“An opportunity to experience God’s grace in a non-intellectual way.”

“Enjoyed expressing from the side of my brain I don’t engage in much. Wendy is very inviting and encouraging.”

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The Dialogue Paintings were created with this same approach.