The Journal

(pause)   a journal featuring the Perspectacles

19 different Perspectacles, coaching questions designed for deeper reflection, and room to write responses. 48 pages, 5.5″x8.5″

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From the introductory page:

Perspectives + spectacles = Perspectacles: mixed media sculptures the size and shape of eyeglasses

Shaped by background and experience, our perspectives on life ultimately form the lens through which we see ourselves and others. Some ways we are born with, others are given to us.  We can choose to look through these perspectives or not, much like a pair of eyeglasses.

Using eyeglasses as metaphors, I explore the winding and often broken road of human restoration. This work invites self-reflection, offering both challenge and invitation toward a greater wholeness.

During the early years, the Perspectacles were each exhibited along with a companion journal.  People could comment and also read what others had written, thus creating a larger conversation. As I began showing the work in venues where the journals could not be included, the experience felt incomplete. The art was a platform for initiating meaningful dialogue, yet a tangible place for furthered engagement was missing.

This journal IS that place.

I invite you to imagine that you are at a Perspectacles show.

Look. Really look.

Pause at certain pieces that stir your interest, wonder about why.

Then respond.  Write the first thoughts that come to mind.

Be brave. Be honest. Be real.

This is not just about you seeing the art, but also allowing the art to see you.

For it is in seeing and being seen that we are opened to being restored.

Welcome to the Perspectacles.

Welcome to restoration.


$15 plus tax and shipping.

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