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The Perspectacles: An Art Talk (45 min.)

Enough Winter

Gain insight into the creation of and the conceptual process behind the Perspectacles. Experience engaging with art and expand your visual literacy as Wendy offers guided reflection through a selection of this body of mixed media work. The Perspectacles explore the *ways* we see, through sculptures the size and shape of eyeglasses.


Creativity Workshop: Finding My Creative Self (full day)


Develop a more creative, flexible mindset as you expand your approach to life, work, and relationships. Deepen your capacity to self-reflect and think beyond what’s expected. Carry that depth into creating new perspectives on existing situations. A mix of interactive activity, reflection, processing with color, and thoughtful discussion. (Note: not an art skills workshop)

Soul Care Retreat: Belovedness (half day)

Belovedness    flags.jpg

Our busy lives can have us running so fast we forget who we are. Invest a half day caring for your soul by stepping into more of your belovedness. Let go of the inner messages that get in the way. There is generous time for reflection with a variety of stations that offer experiences of both, journalling, going for a walk, resting, or meeting one-on-one with Wendy for a mini-coaching session.

Walking With Challenge Workshop (half day)

IMG_0459    Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 9.15.45 AM

We can be paralyzed by the challenges we face. Working with color and having space for reflection creates a more peaceful perspective from which to see these challenges. Through story and color as a expressive medium, participants can experience the insight that comes as emotions begin to find a voice. During this gentle workshop, there is space for individual reflection and guided supportive conversation. No art experience necessary.

“I feel more at peace about my challenge than when I arrived.” – Alice

“It felt like my challenge actually got smaller.” – Ann

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