What’s it like to be you?

Have a seat. Take a deep breath and a moment to gently check in with yourself. How are you really doing? Life is busy, and it’s easy to forget where we are and what’s happening in us.

You matter. Your emotional wellness matters. The story of your life matters. How is yours going?

Let’s talk. I’ll listen – not just to what you’re saying, but also to what’s underneath, as well as noticing what your body has to say. What new story do you long to tell? Let’s bring it to life!


I am a reflective, proactive, and empathetic ICF certified coach. Through intentional conversation, design thinking, and embodied practices, we’ll explore your story. We’ll prototype new ways to design your path forward so you can go deeper and thrive higher. Let’s release your old stories, freeing you to confidently live into your new story – for your best good and for the good of those you love and lead.

While I’m happy to coach a broad range of topics, here are some of my favorites:

Getting Unstuck

What needs to shift? Maybe you’ve thought about it. A lot. For a really long time. Maybe you’ve been going in circles about a challenge you are facing. Maybe there’s something you’ve been dreaming of but can’t seem to get started on it. Maybe there are ways of showing up in the world that no longer serve you. Time for a change! Let’s get you out of limbo and onward to where you want to be.


Befriending Your Creativity: It’s in you. You know it is. I know it is. Let’s coax that part of you out of hiding and invite it to come enjoy the sunshine. I offer a safe and open coaching space for playful creative growth and practical ways to practice it.

Bringing Your Creative Project to Life: You have a specific creative project to complete (or begin) and would like coaching support in the creative process.

Parenting Wellness

It’s a gift to your children and also a gift for you. As a calm, regulated, caring presence in your child’s life, you can offer a safe place for their hearts to come home to.

Foster and Adoptive Parents: You give and give and then give some more, as you love and raise your children. The ongoing challenges can take a toll, most often on your own self-care. I am an adoptive parent. I help lead a foster/adoptive parent support group. I get it. Let’s do some coaching so you can care for yourself more effectively and deeply. For you.

Moms: Children are forever pieces of our heart walking around outside of us, which can make motherhood an emotional rollercoaster. There is a time to ride with our kids and also a time to sit on the bench and watch. And there’s the rollercoaster in our heads too – the stories we tell ourselves that can snowball in challenging ways! I help moms discern how to successfully navigate the many stages of motherhood.


Are you ready to learn and grow into your new story? Let’s have a conversation that matters.


Professional Certifications:


Certified Transformational Coach with Western Coaching, ACC certification with International Coach Federation. As an International Coaching Federation member, I practice according to ICF’s high professional and ethical standards.

Education: Certificate of Transformational Coaching, Western Coaching. BFA in Fine Art , specialization in Graphic Design, California State University, Long Beach.

Other training: Healing Through Art Training with the CSU Institute for Palliative Care, Narrative Coaching Training with David Drake, founder of the Center for Narrative Coaching, and Laurie Zagon of Art4Healing.