Collector participating in the art

Collector participating in the art




“Wendy intuitively picked up on what was most important to my theology and personal life during our conversation. When the final art was unveiled for me, and I saw the deep water, four threads, three freshwater pearls, and the wake, the symbolism blew my life all open for me. My grandmother, me, and God, sitting in that fourth pew in church. The Trinity and its wake through time and space. My add-a-pearl necklace. My love for water and a life that has depth. It was all there.

The conversational process of a custom commission helped me clarify my thoughts as we gently explored my faith journey. It was a voyage of discovery with Wendy’s hand on the tiller, and it was nice not to have to do it all by myself. I felt heard throughout, and would do another commission with her in a heartbeat.

What she saw in me and made tangible through her art helped me to see its significance in my life. I always knew my grandmother was foundational, but was not aware just how much. And water mattered more to me than I knew. This understanding influenced my job search process - there had to be water nearby.

I will step into my first pastorate soon, where there is a bubbling brook within walking distance, and Wendy’s art will hang on my office wall. I also have a print for home. It stimulates so much thought I want to have the art with me everywhere I go.”

-Susan McDougall, collector

We all leave a wake behind us in the lives we touch. What does yours look like?

15”x30”x1”, Acrylics, thread, freshwater pearls, oil pastels on canvas ©2019 Wendy Lew Toda

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