The "in-between"


When’s the last time you had a conversation that mattered? The commotion of life can keep us living on the surface in chit chat land. We don’t have to stay there.

I'm Wendy. I build a better “in-between” through my work as an artist and as a coach. Visually, through art; verbally, through coaching. Practicing in both professions, I also work in the places where they overlap to create new ways for you to grow and deepen your own “in-between” places.

If you saw me at a show, I'd most likely be engrossed in series of one-on-one conversations. For me, that kind of intentional bridge-building is the stuff of life, whether it happens between me and another person or between me and a new creative project.

The dynamics that happen in the spaces “in-between”

  • you and yourself

  • you and your work

  • you and your world

  • you and those you love (or don’t)

  • you and your spirituality…

They all matter. And we can step further into the good work of making them stronger, braver, and more life-giving.

This is my passion: Building that better in-between.

“How else can I do that?” is the steady inquiry underpinning my art and my coaching practices. I ask it of every blank canvas, every show, each conversation, as I prepare for retreats, and throughout each commission.

What “in-between” has your attention right now?

I look forward to hearing from you!

This blog exists to explore the “in-between” and to collect and construct ways to build better bridges where it matters most. You’ll also hear about art, creative process, and current projects.

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