Artist Statement

My work is about the renewal of people’s lives.

We come to renewal with varying degrees of awareness, depending on the day and even the hour. At any given moment, we lean in, turn away, return, rest, dance. Sometimes we are utterly blind to our own growth. Other times it comes as a surprise, sweeping us off our feet with delight. And many times our progress comes at seemingly unbearable costs. Yet we have survived and we can thrive. Catching our breath, we utter a wordless prayer of wonder. We really are being made new. What a gift…that corner we could not have turned alone, that shift our spirit longed for but had given up on, those speechless moments when we bear witness to beauty emerging from ashes. We are being renewed.

I am a mixed media artist who lives and creates in San Jose, California.

Bio: Born, raised, and educated in southern California, I freelanced art direction and graphic design before shifting to the fine arts.  As a coach, I create intentional conversation, space, and experiences so people can turn their stories in new directions, generating new options and new outcomes for their lives.  Art and coaching combine in Coaching+Color retreats, teaching people how to express themselves using the visual language of paint and color, incorporating experiences, art-making, and guided reflection.

Education/Credentials: Certified Transformational Coach – Western Seminary, Associate Credentialed Coach – International Coach Federation, BFA Graphic Design – California State University Long Beach.


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