My experiences as a coach continue to show me the importance of creating a strong enough container to hold the conversations that matter, whether with loved ones, work colleagues, or those with a different perspective. Or even with one’s own self.

The container shapes are cut from the home section of the newspaper to ground each conversation with a sense of home and safety, as well as the commonness of the everyday. The thin gold thread supports and reflects the transcendence that such conversations travel upon. The text is a poem that runs from the top left to the bottom right, since much meaningful dialogue unfolds over time and different moments of meeting and being met.

The poem:

you are invited

your stories welcomed

bright and beautiful

tangled and dark

any color or shape

step into now

be brave


we can explore

be listened to



without judgment

or agenda

hear yourself

unpack what is yet mystery

perhaps even to you

let’s wonder other ways




in the humanity of face to face conversation

about what really matters to you

discovering your wholehearted wish

the new story your life longs to speak


Media: Acrylics, thread, pencil, newspaper on canvas, poetry, 15″ x 30″  ©2017

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