Art retreats that offer healing and renewal

“Expressing my feelings through color on canvas gave me the freedom to process and find healing in ways I did not expect.” – Kelly

The art retreats and my coaching practice now have their very own site:! Please come visit 🙂

Here’s what to expect at a half day Coaching+Color retreat:

• artistic guidance in a supportive, peaceful atmosphere

• learn how to express with the visual language of color on canvas

• say what can’t be said with words

• process emotions non-verbally

• all materials included

No previous art experience is necessary. Retreats are for non-artists, although professional artists are always welcome too. They are appropriate for individuals, families, small groups, and business teams.

Retreats are open for registration – the first one is September 10.


How’s that calm place in the middle of your soul doing? This 3 hour retreat is for those interested in reclaiming that space. Learn how to paint your way there with color, abstract shapes, and a gently guided creative process.

REGISTER NOW $50 (includes materials)

For more retreat descriptions, click here.


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